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For Strange Women – Black Forest Solid Perfume Collection

Remember the Victorian Solids collection by For Strange Women?  I was so captivated by them that I went back for more.  For this purchase, instead of going back in time, I decided I to experience a world that doesn’t exist, so I opted to sample solids from her Black Forest Solid Perfume collection.

For those unfamiliar with For Strange Women, it’s a perfumery created by a woman named Jill McKeever. Jill has a gift for producing non-traditional perfumes that are so well crafted and specific, they transport you to another world with every breath.  So far her perfumes have taken me to the roaring 20s, and the dusty decadence of the Victorian era. The Black Forest Collection takes me to a land of fairytales, but not the shiny, Disney kind. This is more like the fairytale land of the Brothers Grimm, full of damp moss, deep, green woods, and ominous, drizzling skies. It’s heavy with magic, but also peril.

For Strange Womean - Black Forest Collection


I started with Black Forest Cake ($42). It’s definitely a gourmand, but it’s not cloying or heavy handed. It smells like rich, unsweetened cocoa, wrapped in wood, with a soft, sensual vanilla accent.  When first applied, the cocoa dominates, but the wood notes prevent it from becoming too dessert-like. As the scent settles, the cocoa lingers, but a harmony of floral notes emerge. They’re soft and delicate, but not at all powdery. I would classify this scent as a woody gourmand.

For Strange Womean - Black Forest Collection - Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake ribbon sample


Evergreen Mountain ($42) is covered in ancient, green forests that are filled with royal huntsmen, deer, mystical creatures, and the lost – and there are a lot of lost people in this forest. Once you enter, it’s nearly impossible to find your way unless you happen upon one of the forest’s native inhabitants. This scent is deep, woody, and green, like the balsams that fill this mountain’s woods. This fragrance is rich and fresh.  I would describe it as being unisex, and classify it as a green wood.

For Strange Womean - Black Forest Collection - Evergreen Mountain

Evergreen Mountain ribbon sample


Nightshade Garden ($42) smells like a tempting garden that belongs to a beautiful witch.  It’s always nighttime there, but somehow the tomato-filled vines and fruit are plentiful, and pop through the inky night air with their bright smells and vivid colors. The website says this fragrance was inspired by the scent of fresh tomato vines, and that is definitely the soul of this perfume. The citrus notes are bright and juicy, but not sweet.  The scent dries down to a base of bay and olive leaf, which is nice calming touch. Just the thing to lull you into an enchanted sense of well being before the vines start moving in.  I would categorize this scent as an aromatic floral.

For Strange Womean - Black Forest Collection - Nightshade Garden

Nightshade Garden ribbon sample


Like the Victorian Solids, the Black Forest Collection perfumes are meant to be worn close to the skin, and intentionally have no sillage. This aspect of these perfume solids make them very personal to the wearer and those they choose to embrace. As is the case with all For Strange Women perfumes, these are made using only natural, high quality, organic ingredients, so those with perfume allergies will still be able to enjoy them.

I loved the Black Forest collection. I found each of these fragrances to be singularly magical. Full size version of Nightshade Garden and Black Forest Cake are on my list to buy the next time I want to indulge myself. If you’d like to experience them for yourself, but don’t want to splurge before you smell them for yourself, you don’t have to dive in to a full sized locket. The images in this review are of the samples I purchased from her website – they are available for $3.50 each, or $9 for 3.

Skin & Tonics Rating:

Performance: 5/5 rich, beautiful, mood altering scents that tell a story and don’t cause headaches
Quality: 5/5, cruelty-free, organic, hypoallergenic ingredients
Value: 4/5 a little pricey, but each full sized perfume comes housed inside a beautiful, refillable locket

Overall: 4.5/5

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