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Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream Review

That Missha BB Cream hurled me deep into the cavernous depths of a Korean cosmetics rabbit hole. Full confession: I went a little nutso-in-the-buttso during the Missha 40% off sale (which ends today, FYI).  I now have a joyously large order of Missha products on the way. But today is not about Missha. Today is about Skin79.  Specifically, it’s about Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream. I bought this BB Cream just days after trying the Missha Perfect Cover. It shares the same amount of popularity and praise on the beauty forums I visit, and I liked the Missha BB cream so well that I figured I might like this one too. Also, the bottle was gorgeous and I wanted it on my bathroom counter.

 Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream


Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream

I’m a sucker for holographic, golden rainbow lettering.


VIP Gold BB Cream is supposed to last all day and provide enough coverage so that you can skip primer and foundation. It’s marketed for dry skin on the Skin79 website, and is also said to provide wrinkle improvement and whitening. Whitening is a very common term in Asian skincare, and it really just means that a product evens out and brightens skin tone. It’s not actually going to turn your skin to alabaster.

Here are the key ingredients, according to the Skin70 website (the descriptions are mine):

• Sweet Almond Oil – Emollient & moisturizer that is a popular skincare ingredient because it’s nourishing and non-comedogenic.
• Madecosside – A plant-based ingredient that has been used medicinally in India for over 2000 years. It’s been scientifically proven to promote healing and preserve skin resiliency.
• Adenosine – This is an anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, organic compound derived from yeast.
• Arbutin – This is the whitening agent. It’s a hydroquinone derivative found in the leaves of a variety of berry shrubs and most types of pears. Can be reactive to those with sensitive skin.
• Kava Extract – The Skin79 website says this ingredient relaxes the skin, but I could only find evidence that Kava extract promotes wound healing.
Gold – A very popular skincare ingredient that some claim is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. In reality, it doesn’t really do anything for your skin, and has the potential to cause contact dermatitis.This NYT article sums it up well.
Caviar Extract -Very rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 as well as several amino acids. The claims are that it assists with collagen production, but I couldn’t find any studies about it.

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream

The pump is really easy to work with and the bottle fits nicely in my hand.



The texture of this BB Cream is a lot thinner than that of Missha’s Perfect Cover. It glided onto my face with no tugging, which was fantastic. Here’s the thing, though – VIP Gold only comes in one shade. When first applied, it has a grayish cast, but after about 3 minutes or so it oxidized enough to perfectly match my skin tone. However, the whole one shade thing might be a problem for anyone with a deeper skin tone. I doubt this makeup would be wearable for anyone who is NC30 or over (I’m between NC20 and 25 for reference).

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream Sample

Not too thick, not too thin.

The finish of this BB Cream is semi-matte, and the coverage is more on the light side. It does do a fairly good job of evening out general redness, but it’s definitely not going to cover any scars or dark marks for you.  It looks very natural, and the effects lasted for a few hours before I needed to touch it up.

For the most part, I really like it, but it has one flaw: it’s drying. I have chronically dry skin because of my Retin-A usage, and although I did apply moisturizer before I applied this BB Cream, I could see dry skin flakes about 4 hours into my day.  I ended up applying Clinique’s Moisture Surge on top of it, and that helped for a couple more hours, but as I type this, my dry patches are back.  Next time I wear this, I’m going super heavy on the moisturizer first. Someone with oily skin could skip that step. In fact, I think VIP Gold is ideal for oily skinned ladies, which is strange considering it’s marketed for dry skin.

This is my hand with nothing on it.

This is my hand with nothing on it.

This is my hand with VIP Gold BB Cream.

This is my hand with VIP Gold BB Cream.

This is my face, freshly moisturized with no makeup.

This is my face, freshly moisturized with no makeup.

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream

This is my face a few hours after applying the VIP Gold BB Cream. The tone looks good, but you can see that my skin is already beginning to dry.


In terms of whitening and wrinkle fighting – I haven’t been using this product long enough to see any effects of that. If I find any significant changes in those areas in a few weeks, I’ll update.


Pros & Cons

• Spreads easily
• Looks natural
• Nice brightening effect
• Good for oily skin
• SPF 25
• Not heavily fragranced
• Amazing packaging

• Not very moisturizing
• Not a lot of coverage
• Only comes in one color that would not work well for darker complexions

Overall, I think VIP Gold is a very adequate BB Cream that just isn’t right for my dry skin. If I had oily skin, this product would be a home run. Since my skin is dry, I will probably finish this bottle, but the next Skin79 BB Cream I try will be Oriental Gold.

UPDATE 02/12/2013: So, I ended up having a reaction to this BB Cream. At the end of the night I had tiny bumps all over my forehead and cheek. Since it was the only thing on my face that day that was new, I am sure that this BB Cream was the culprit. Clearly I’m sensitive to some of the ingredients. Those with sensitive skin beware. I won’t be finishing the bottle, and the rating will be changed to reflect my experience.


Where to Buy it

Like the Missha Perfect cover, there are a lot of fake VIP Gold BB Creams on the market, especially on eBay and Amazon. I find that whole phenomenon really strange considering how inexpensive this stuff is. I understand the appeal of making knockoff Gucci purses, but a $30 bottle of BB Cream hardly seems worth the trouble. In light of that, the safest place to purchase Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream is the official US Skin79 website.  If you don’t want to pay full retail, there is a reliable seller on Amazon called Pink Gelee who sells a variety of popular Korean cosmetics. That seller carries authentic products, usually for several dollars less than retail. I bought my bottle of VIP Gold from Pink Gelee, and the product was fresh (the manufacturing date is stamped on the bottom of every bottle), authentic, and only $14.


New Rating System!

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to revamp the rating system. Previously, I was using letter grades to rate products.  I’ll now by using point values sorted by category, with 5 points being the highest rating for each category. For example, a rating of 4 in the value category will look like this:  Value: 4/5

The categories are:

Performance: Measures whether the product does what it claims
Quality: Rates the quality of ingredients used, taking into account their potential for irritation
Value: Evaluates whether the product is worth the cost
Overall: Average rating based on previous categories, rounded to the nearest half point.


Skin & Tonics Rating for Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream:

Performance: 3/5 – Coverage is natural, lasting. Color is nice, but limited to those with fair skin. Can be drying.
Quality: 1/5 – Contains many beneficial skincare ingredients, as well as a couple of potential irritants. Caused my skin to break out in tiny bumps.
Value: 4/5 – Affordable, generous amount of product, great packaging.

Overall:  2.5/5

Let me know what you think of the new rating system!

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