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About Me

My name is Kerry, and I love skincare. Some people would say I’m addicted; I say I’m just passionate about my hobby. I’ve been an avid skincare enthusiast since middle school. I also love research, experimentation, and writing about my findings, which is how this blog came about.

It’s important to me on a deeply personal level that my skincare be actively enjoyable. I am applying these products on my face every day, multiple times a day, and I am willing to pay a premium for a special texture, a delightful fragrance, and an overall experience that is genuinely pleasurable. I want results, and I want joy, and I’m not willing to choose between the two. Efficacy is a must. I despise the disappointment that comes when a product doesn’t work, or worse, actually damages my skin instead of helping it.  My ongoing personal mission is to distinguish between hype and legitimately effective skincare products. I obtain my information via personal experimentation, reading peer reviewed clinical research, and from industry professionals such as cosmetic chemists and skincare specialists. I love luxury, but I’m also a big fan of facts.

I’m working on my photography skills. I think they’re coming along. Sometimes I use my iPhone,  and sometimes I use a Lumix LX5. I take nearly all the photographs you see on this site myself.

Sometimes I do meaningful things like get involved with animal rescue, spend quality time with family, or contemplate the vast majesty of time. But when I’m not doing those things, I like to watch a good sci-fi or costume drama series, listen to music, and complain about things to my best friends via text message.

I live with my sister, who is also my closest friend. Between the two of us, we’ve got two dogs and two cats. They’re all the best animals in the universe, except Batu, who is actually the worst cat in the universe and, I suspect, not really cat, but a disguised extraterrestrial on a data collection mission. I love him anyway.

My sister and me

That’s my sister (right) and me (left). We disapprove.


This is Meiko. He’s a 13 y.o. Siamese, though he’s more sumo than siam. He enjoys eating, sunbeams, throwing up on the carpet, and spooning.


This is Callie. She’s the only dog I’ve ever met that genuinely loves hugs. She also likes being squished, songs that include her name, jumping out of hiding places when I come from work (it’s important to act surprised when she does this), and making a mustache with her tail. She hates doorbells, strangers, vacuum cleaners, dirty looks, vegetables, and garbage bags. 


This is Batu. He likes to pass the time doing bad things like opening cupboards and knocking over flat screen televisions. He narrates everything as it’s happening. 


This is Cooper. His hobbies include being bad on walks, jumping up and down like a piece of popcorn, and being covered in blankets so he can pretend to be a ghost.