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Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Review (Revisited)

My original review for Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm was written on September 30, 2013. I’ve updated the review to reflect my newer rating system, as well as some additional product details.

I love the way cleansing oils cut through every speck of makeup when I’m washing my face. I also love how luxurious they feel, and the way they emulsify when I add water so that they rinse away clean. But you know what I don’t love? I don’t love the way they often drip out of my hands or down the front of my arms when I’m just trying to get it on my face. I’m also not a fan of how difficult it is to travel with a bottle of cleansing oil – I always seem to arrive at my destination with a bagful of skincare products lightly coated in the slipper cleanser. Enter the cleansing balm. It promises to be everything I love about cleansing oil, but without any of the negatives. Instead of a bottle of liquid, cleansing balm is a soft, sherbet-textured solid that melts into an oil only as it’s spread across skin. But is it as effective for removing makeup as a cleansing oil is? Today I’ll be exploring all of its virtues and imperfections in my review of Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review

What is it?

Banila Co. Clean It Zero is a “sherbet type cleansing balm” that promises to remove dirt, makeup, and oil without drying the skin or leaving behind a greasy residue.

Ingredients :

Mineral Oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, PEG-10 Isostearate, Polyethylene, Butylene Glycol, Water, Rubus Suavissimus (Raspberry) Leaf Extract, Aspalathus Linearis Lead Extract, Viscum Album (Mistletoe) Leaf Extract, Angelica Polymorpha Sinesnsis Root Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Acerora Extract, Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, BHT, Butylparaben, Acid Red 18, CI 15985, Spice

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review

This cleansing balm formula contains a wide variety of antioxidant rich extracts, but the ingredients most worth noting include:

Mineral Oil

There’s all kinds of trash talk about mineral oil floating around, but the truth is, mineral oil is a safe, fantastic skincare ingredient, and there’s plenty of scientific evidence to support this. Mineral oil is actually an amazing cleansing ingredient, especially for those who are prone to blackheads. Mineral oil molecules are too large to enter pores, so it’s noncomedogenic, and massaging into the skin as a cleansing agent on a daily basis actually helps dislodge stubborn blackheads. Additionally, it provides emollient moisturizing benefits, even when used as a wash-off product. I’m a fan!

If you’re interested in reading more about the efficacy of mineral oil, check out this spectacularly detailed study from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science: A Review on the Extensive Skin Benefits of Mineral Oil (Rawlings, A. V. and Lombard, K. J.)

Papaya Fruit Extract

Papaya contains enzymes that act as exfoliants, helping to remove dead skin cells and providing an overall brightening effect.

Acerora Extract

Better known as cherry extract, this ingredient contains antioxidants such as vitamins C and A, as well as mineral salts, which can help perk up tired, dry skin.

According to COSDNA, Banila Co. Clean It Zero contains no red flags in terms of potential irritants or acne triggers.



Banila Co. Clean It Zero comes packaged in a sturdy little tub container. It’s made of plastic, but looks like frosted glass. The package design is very sleek, and I’m a big fan of the smooth, pink, metallic look of the lid. It’s an exciting tub to have sitting on my sink.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review

For those who have qualms about the unsanitary potential of tub packaging, this product does come with a plastic spatula. I personally prefer to use clean fingers to dispense this product.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review


Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review


Banila Co. Clean It Zero doesn’t have any added fragrance, but it does have a very pleasant, vaguely floral-fruity smell. It reminds me a lot of the Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom fragrance line. It’s not overpowering, and completely disappears as soon as the product is rinsed away.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review


Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review


I use Banila Co. Clean It Zero as the first cleansing step in my double cleanse process, which is the makeup removing step (and the first step in my evening skincare routine). The directions say to massage this product onto the face and then tissue it off. I’m not a big fan of removing cleansers with a tissue, so instead I opt to massage it over my face for a minute or so, and then wet my hands with lukewarm water and massage a little more. The water causes the balm to emulsify into a milky lather, which then rinses away completely clean, leaving behind no trace of makeup or greasy residue.


Banila Co. Clean It Zero consistently removed all my makeup with ease. The first time I used it, I opted not to use my eye makeup remover beforehand to see if this products would remove my stubborn, waterproof eye makeup. It does remove waterproof waterproof eye makeup, however – I got it in my eyes. It doesn’t sting at all, but it did blur my vision for a couple of minutes – things looked the way I’d imagine they would if I wore glasses made of Vaseline. Rather than continue to contend with the temporary blindness, I decided not to use this cleansing balm to remove eye makeup going forward, but I imagine there are many people more graceful than I am that have no problem not getting this in their eyes.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm Cream Review

I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in Perversion for this experiment. Perversion users know how much of a pain this can be to remove, but the Clean-It Zero took it off in seconds.

I’ve been using Clean It Zero on and off for nearly a year now, and it has secured a place in my routine as my Holy Grail makeup removing cleanser. Cleansing my makeup with this has been consistently easy, pleasant, and effective.  My face is always left completely clean, and feels neither stripped nor greasy. On several occasions, I’ve been too tired to do the second cleanse in my evening double cleansing process, but my skin was clean enough after using Clean It Zero that I didn’t suffer for it. I’ve never experienced any breakouts or irritation as a result of using this product. Additionally, I no longer have to contend with oil dripping down my arms or onto my skin top when I’m washing my face. I’ve also traveled with Banila Co. Clean It Zero at least half a dozen times in the past year and haven’t once had any issues with product seeping into my luggage.

When I first began using Banila Co. Clean It Zero, I did have a problem figuring out how much to use. As a result, my early tubs would only last me a little over a month. I finally figured out that an almond sized amount seems to be just the right amount – since then a tub of Clean It Zero typically lasts my around 6-8 weeks.

I’ve tried to go back to cleansing oils on a couple of occasions. I instantly missed the drip-free experience of the cleansing balm and went back to it. Maybe one day I’ll fall back in love with oils again, but right now, my makeup removing philosophy is, “go balm or go home.”


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
    Not Messy
    Cleanses makeup thoroughly
    Gentle Ingredients
    Contains No Irritants
  • None

Skin & Tonics Rating

A+ 20/20 Efficacy 18/20 Ingredients 20/20 Application 20/20 Wear 20/20 Packaging
Total: 98 Rating system details »

Where to Buy

Store Price Offers
Soko Glam Ships from US $21 sokoglam_logo Shipping to US, Canada, UK, & Australia. buy
Rini Shop (eBay Seller) Ships from South Korea $18.89



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72 comments onBanila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Review (Revisited)

  1. I’m interested to see your comments on mineral oil because I see a lot of people talk badly about it. Personally, it’s not a big deal to me. But I’m not as vigilant about knowing my ingredients as you. >///> Still, that’s what makes blogs like yours so helpful. Haha. xD

    • Kerry

      Thanks, Bethany! Yeah, people really love to hate on mineral oil. It’s extremely misunderstood. I guess that means more for us?

      • Ann

        THANK YOU! I have awfully sensitive skin and I’m a big fan of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, but it often gets a bad rep in reviews because it contains mineral oil. I only found out about backlash against mineral oil after I had already been using the product, so I was a little concerned, but the moisturizer works so well for me that I just didn’t want to give it up. It’s so awesome to hear that ingredients like that which get hate are not necessarily bad! Wish more people would actually do their research like you before they start throwing shade!

  2. Great review thanks you! I was very hesitant about this makeup remover but now I’m definitely going to buy it! ♥
    Do you think it can be used on eyes too?

    • Kerry

      Hello Hye Mi! It does not burn the eyes at all, and it does effectively remove eye makeup, so you can use it on the eyes. However, I found that when I got it in my eyes it made my vision blurry for a few minutes. It was an annoying enough experience that I decided to avoid using this on my eyes after that. I imagine others are more gracefully able to use this product for eye makeup removal without getting it in their eyes – unfortunately, I’m not one of those people! 😉

  3. Thank you for the gif! If it can get anything UD off in black it’s probably worth trying hahaha. It’s nice that you can wash it off with water too because I hate using tissues! I always thought it was too irritating on my skin even though I don’t have sensitive skin. Do you think it’s worth the price even though it only lasted one month?

    I have to say one thing in defense of nasayers against mineral oil, and it actually goes back to my job in the medical laboratory. Although mineral oil may be too large to enter the pore, it still creates a huge problem for some people because of that. There are many tests that we perform in the medical microbiology lab that require creating an anaerobic environment. To accomplish this, we overlay the media we use with mineral oil; it’s cheap, efficient, and it helps certain bacteria grow very, very well. For this reason alone I am wary of using mineral oil without double cleansing, because I have seen with my own eyes how efficient mineral oil is at helping GROW more bacteria. If you don’t overlay certain tests with the mineral oil, the bacteria won’t grow. So…there is some truth to it, but it doesn’t always hurt everyone. I still use mineral oil, I just make sure to double cleanse. =)

    • Kerry

      Interesting! Do you happen to know if using a different oil yields the same type of bacteria growth? I remember reading a study a very long time ago about oil emulsions in general allowing bacterial growth when mixed with water and contaminated with a pathogenic bacteria. I would be really curious to know if mineral oil encourages more growth than other fats!

    • Kerry

      As for whether or not it’s worth the price tag – I think it depends on what you value in a product. For someone who just wants something that will remove makeup effectively for a low cost, food-grade mineral oil would do a good job, cost less, and a bottle would last longer. However, I also value the experience of using a product – I like my usage experience to be less messy, feel luxurious, have a satisfying texture, and smell good. For someone like me who places value on those extra frills, I’d say this makeup remover is definitely worth it.

      BTW, funny story, I once decided to buy straight mineral oil at the grocery store in order to save some cash. Turns out the food grade stuff is in the laxative aisle and has the words “Intestinal Lubricant” printed in bold letters across the front of the bottle. I was so embarrassed about it that when I got to the check out line, I made it a point to let the cashier know that this product was for my face, and not for lubricating my intestines. Turns out that explanation doesn’t sound any better! Never again.

      • Omg that’s so embarrassing hahaha!!! They probably were just like “okay…why is she explaining this to me.” LOL.
        I think we use mineral oil in the lab because it’s the cheapest, but at the same time they usually do validation studies on things like this often times with different oils. I believe we use olive oil in one test, but it had something to do with one of the solutes in it. That said, some products with mineral oil seem to work fine so I wouldn’t say it’s an end all or anything like that, but I just think there’s truth to both sides. Sorry it took so long to reply, I forgot to check! 🙂

        • Kerry

          Yeah – most of the anti-mineral oil sentiment has more to do with misinformation, unfortunately. There is a lot of flack surrounding the fact that it’s a petroleum product and therefore not “natural.” There is also a common misguided notion that it clogs pores, which is untrue since the molecules are too large to even enter the pore in the first place. As for the not being “natural,” that’s a topic I could probably write an entire post (or ten!) about!

  4. I really like my Banila Co. primer but it’s the only thing I’ve tried from this brand. My favorites ceansers are the Liquid Cleanser from Chifure and the TamagoHada makeup remover and face foam from HadaLabo. I’m already in the third bottle of both.

  5. Great review. 🙂
    I actually got a free sample of this product while I was in Seoul recently and I fell in love with it. Definitely need to purchase the full size product!

  6. Lina

    Hi! The review sounds lovely! My friend just gave me a sample of this and I can’t wait to try! However, I do have constant breakouts so I’m a bit worry. Do you think this is a better makeup remover than the Missha M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil?

  7. Anna

    hey! just thought i would let you know, this balm does actually contain added fragrance! 향료 is listed in the ingredients – google will translate that to spice but the accurate translation is fragrance. hope this is helpful (and sorry for replying to a post that’s months old) 🙂

  8. Liz B. @ Umami Life

    I’m very willing to spend money on quality skin products, but when it comes to cleansing oil I’ve never had a problem with just plain organic, cold-pressed coconut oil. It’s cheap, natural, and the process of a brief 30 second massage and emulsification never fails to remove all my makeup when I double-cleanse.

    I like that Banila balm is travel friendly–I took a big tub of coconut oil to Europe this summer and am packing a tub for Korea on Monday–but are there any other real advantages to the balm? I have seen this product reviewed but I can’t seem to justify spending more money…

    Also, why no Dr.G reviews?! The Bio RTx Mentor Cream 7 kept my face pretty calm through bar exam study hades!

    • Kerry

      Hi Liz! I am one of those unfortunate people who breaks out when I try to use plain coconut oil on my face as a cleanser or as a moisturizer. 🙁 I think if you like the coconut oil there’s really no reason to switch to Clean-It Zero. I would imagine that coconut oil is just as travel friendly as this balm is – the only difference would be that the coconut oil tub is probably a little larger?

      I’ve only tried one Dr.G product so far – it was a sunscreen. What else would you recommend by Dr.G?

      • Liz B. @ Umami Life

        Hey, thanks for the reply! The Mentor Cream is the only Dr.G product I’ve used. I ordered a full-size after receiving a sample through Memebox but am reluctant to purchase more Dr.G products considering their price point. I was wondering why the brand wasn’t more heavily reviewed; I suppose it’s not as popular or well-regarded as some of the others?

        • Kerry

          I imagine it’s just a visibility issue for them – what little I have heard about that brand has been positive. Hopefully I’ll get around to it myself someday! 🙂

  9. Gao

    I got a sample of it awhile back but never used it. I also used it as an eye makeup remover…bad move… it got onto my contacts and I had blurred vision for awhile… then I tried it without..still got in my eye.. not sure what to do to make it not get in my eye >____< its a good remover though!

  10. I was going to purchase this as part of my most recent RRS haul but decided to pick up the face shop’s version of it instead (since it was something like $10 instead of $17 lol). If I end up falling in love with cleansing balms I’ll be sure to purchase this!
    *Also, did you know RRS sells a larger 180ml version of this? Figured this might be useful for you since you use it often!

    • Lashondra Williams

      I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Face Shop’s Fermented balm? I’ve been thinking about getting it since I saw it on eBay but was waiting to see if I could find any reviews or blog posts on it.

      Also what is RRS?

    • Kerry

      I’ve tried the Face Shop fermented balm and liked it!

  11. I love your new rating system 🙂 happy you revisited ~~

  12. Thank you for updating this review! I’m about to place an order with RRS + just put this in my basket as a last minute purchase. 🙂

    I just have a small question — I remember you mentioned in the comments a few posts back that you’d recommend Ciracle Red Spot White Serum for hyperpigmentations. Vitamin C seems to be its main ingredient. I’m debating between buying that and a different Vit C serum (such as Paula’s Choice). I know you’ve had good results with other Vit C serums in the past, so may I ask if the result with Ciracle was the same as or better than with other Vit C serum?

    Also, on their instructions, Ciracle cautioned NOT to worry if their serum turns brown because it’s a “natural” process. Which is concerning, as color changes for Vit C serums indicate it is no longer potent and effective. I’m wondering if you had any troubles with with Ciracle Red Spot Serum turning brown quickly? I’ve run into this problems too many times when using other Vit C serums.

    Thank you! And thank you for maintaining this blog! It’s been such a wonderful source of information — now, every time I’m running out of a skincare item, I’d look to your blog for a good replacement product in that category. 🙂

    • Kerry

      Hi Emy! I think Ciracle Red Spot White Serum works really great as a spot treatment, but I find it irritating as an all over treatment (I suspect because of the alcohol content). As a spot treatment, I do think my PIH faded remarkably quickly – more quickly than with a regular Vitamin C serum. But the regular Vitamin C serum also works well for that, plus it can be used long term because it’s less irritating, so you get the ongoing antioxidant benefits. If you are interested in a long term Vitamin C serum to incorporate into your routine, I would go with the Paula’s Choice or the C20.

      As far as the Ciracle instructions not to worry if they’re serum turns brown – your instincts are correct! It does sound like they are referring to the oxidation process. Vitamin C will still work for a little while when it first begins to change color, but once it’s actually brown, I’d throw it out, despite what the instructions say. 🙂

      • Thank you so much for answering! I just ordered both the C20 and the Ciracle Red Spot White Serum and can’t wait to use them. May I ask if you put the C20 serum in the fridge between each use? How long do the C20 + the Ciracle serums lasted for you before oxidizing? I’m asking because I did buy Paula’s Choice Vit C a while back, and it unfortunately oxidized within 2 months when I was only half way done with the bottle.

      • Emy

        Hi! I just received my order from RRS today and am excited to start using the products. However, from the 1st moment I opened my Ciracle Red Spot Serum, it seems to be slightly yellow. Not quite brown yet, but still oxidized. The production date was 7/14/2014. Do you think this is still okay? I’m just wondering how the color/condition of your Ciracle Red Spot Serum was when you first got it + how it is now. Can I ask where you purchased yours? I might purchase it there in the future if they sell more recent batches.

        I’m a bit upset because I was really looking forward to it, and don’t want to throw it out without even using it. But I definitely don’t want to use an oxidized serum if it ends up harming my skin more than helping.

        Thank you!

        • E

          Sorry, i might just intrude here a bit since i dont see a reply, but yeah 🙂

          I would suggest you email the place you got the product and tell them to resend you a new one with picture of it and etc.. being yellowish… Kerry got the Ciracle on wishtrend actually I think… But do tried jolse/w2beauty or memeshop before you go on wishtrend since it’s more expensive there and not free shipping either 😀 Good luck!

          • Emy

            Thank you so much for the reply! Sadly, because of Ciracle’s disclaimer on their product (“The changing colors of the pure Vitamin C is a natural phenomenon”), I’m not sure I could get a new one. But I’ll try!

            I’m just wondering if there’s a way to ensure that I’ll get a new, non-oxidized stock next time I buy (there or elsewhere).

  13. Abrar

    I wish I could hate mineral oil! I’m so jealous of people who have found success by using it, but I seem to be allergic to it 🙁

  14. I have tried out a few of your recommendations, like the rose cleansing stick, Sunday riley’s juno oil. I am totally in love with these products !!! i am lemming for P50, which i will GRAB when i am in Paris 2 weeks later.

    your reccomendations totally ROCKS! plssss keep writing!

    • Kerry

      Thanks, Peony! I’m so glad you’re loving the cleansing stick and the Juno oil! Those are a couple of my favorites! I’m totally jealous that you’ll get to visit the Biologique Recherche mothership in Paris. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the P50 once you’ve had a chance to try it!

  15. hi , any comments/ thoughts to the famous Bioderma cleansing water?

  16. Westmain

    This stuff congested my skin 🙁 I’m certain cause once I stopped using it my skin cleared up. Sad cause it was a pleasure to put on my skin. Any other balm or oil cleanser that might work on skin that’s easily congested? I figured using a foam cleanser after would make it safe, but didn’t work for me.

  17. Monica

    Hi! Whats your favorite products for pih and scars? I did fractional laser co2 and it left me with light brown spots, skin looks worser than ever. The dr obv burned my skin. I have oily asian skin, acne now and then (loads in my teens), old acne scars, uneven skin and big pores. Have tried PC, benton, c vitamin serums etc. in the past but it did do much. Tired of products that doesnt works. Wondering if i should opt for whitening korean products now because of my brown/red spots and dull skin. I saw you had good results with ciracle serum, just wished it was in a bigger bottle. Might try apple cider vinegar toner just to see if it works since ive read good reviews about but and see if home remedies works at all. Trying to find good Korean skin care is really time consuming. All jaded lol Thanks in advance!

  18. Julia

    Hi Kerry! I would love a “F/W 14 Korean make-up trends and releases”, do you have any plans for something like that? I know you did something similar last F/W!

  19. BB

    Hi Kerry! I’ve learned a tonne about the importance of pH thanks to your blog and am also working on eliminating all products with a ph over 6 from my arsenal. I’m wondering if makeup removers like cleansing oils and cleansing balms need to have a low pH. Would you happen to know this balm’s pH?

  20. […] I’ve been wanting to try a cleansing balm for a long time now, and after both Charlotte and Keri wrote raving reviews, I knew I had to get it. The Banila Co. Clean it Zero is packaged in a sturdy […]

  21. […] & Lily delivered the spoiler item (which I was familiar with before due to Skin&Tonics sublime review of it) and then surprised with items I’ve never encountered before, even from known brands […]

  22. Yuri

    Hey Kerry!
    How’s it going? Your last update was almost two months ago and I miss seeing you on my dash. Hope you’re doing fine c:

    I read your old review about this cleansing balm and picked it up while I was in Korea and I must say I absolutely love this product! It doesn’t dry out my skin (like most cleansing oils do) which is something I really appreciate.
    I also bought a bottle of Missha’s First Treatment Essence which I love as well! For some reason it really seems to have improved the appearance of my blackheads? I don’t know which ingredient could be held accountable for that, maybe you’ve got an idea?

    – Yuri

  23. charlotte

    Hi Kerry, How are you? I hope you are okay. We are all getting really worried, can you let us know if you are okay. Hope to hear from you soon.

  24. Tia Hagnas

    My absolute favorite makeup remover ever. And I would have never known about it if it weren’t for you. THANK YOU!

  25. Rainy

    Hi, Kerry!

    I just wanna say I’ve had a really fun and enriching time reading your blog. You’ve really imparted the importance of screening the ingredients list on skincare products to me! (: I’m really looking forward to a new post.

    Additionally, I’ve just run out on my Face Shop Rice Brightening Foam Cleanser and like you recommended, I tried to get a hold on the Su:m37 Rose Cleansing Stick but it’s out of stock where I live. ): I never really cared that parabens were in my products but there’s a lot of controversy on that and I was wondering if there are any other cleansers that you recommend! Thanks very much.


  26. Jazz

    Hi Kerry,

    I discovered your blog and spent the entire weekend just reading it over 🙂 I was already going through a Korean skincare phase and a lot of your selections have made choosing a lot more simple. I’ve also struggled with hormonal acne all my life so I know how hard it is to find a regimen that sticks. I hope you get to update soon because I love to read your thoughts. Oh, and one more thing… totally overthrow Caroline Hirons as Queen of Skincare 😉

  27. It looks pretty good!!and works very well esp on UD! thats amazing!!

    Ore 🙂
    Top 10 Posts of January | Pristine’s Bliss

  28. I love Korean cosmetics and skincare. So happy I stumbled across this blog!!!!

  29. Marcella Miller

    This sounds like a fantastic product for my – ahem – mature skin. It’s really sensitive, hates water and very dry.
    How can I subscribe to have your review come directly into my inbox – I see you do a lot of talk about Korean brands, which I am loving, actually, my skin is loving 🙂

  30. Sam

    Great review! I’m definitely purchasing this when I need a new cleanser!

    Recently I’ve been looking for a different second cleanser, because my skin feels tight whenever I use mine. What cleanser do you recommend? I’m currently using the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. I have combination skin.


  31. […] Clean It Zero in the pink tub. This is also Kerry at Skin & Tonic’s HG product. Review here. I love watching the makeup melt off my […]

  32. Hello! How would you compare this to SU:M37 cleansing balm? If I were to only buy one, which should I get?

    • Kerry

      I love the packaging for the S:UM37 balm, but performance wise – I think the Banila Co. balm is the same. Since it also costs less, this is the one I tend to stock up on. 🙂

  33. Julia

    Hi Kerry!
    I have a question, i would loove if you assist me.
    I’m thinking about shopping the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, but i’m 19. Do you think its too much for me or unnecessary?
    I love your blog! Thank you so much!

  34. […] hand, so what follows is a comparison of Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet, the popular Banila Co. Clean It Zero, and my often-neglected Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing […]

  35. Surya

    Have u ever used The face shop cleansing light oil ? I recently bought that and i feel i’m getting small small bumps.Any idea wat to do? is it really an allergic trigger? 🙁

  36. Sam

    Do we need to measure the ph of the cleansing balms/oils too ? If so, what is the ph of this one? thank you!

    • Hi Sam! You don’t need to measure the pH for balms or oils. I am actually working on a post that explains why, but the short answer is: pH, as it exists in aqueous solutions such as standard cleansers and toners, is not a measurable property that non-aqueous solutions (such as oils) have. Oils can be acidic though, but it’s different measurement and is mostly relevant as it’s applied to fuel oils as opposed to beauty oils.

  37. YN

    Do you have any suggestion for blackheads and enlarged pores? T.T

  38. Licia

    Have you tried the purity (green) version? It contains no mineral oil in it. But I’m wondering if its performance will be on par with the original (pink). Can you please do the review for it? 🙂

  39. Rizka

    I tried this cleansing balm after I read your blog. It delivers everything it promised and I’ve been loving it ever since. Thank you!

  40. how have I not heard of this stuff before? Ughhhh I need this in my life. I’m bad at getting stuff in my eyes too haha x

  41. Lynne

    I may just be getting used to the feeling of an oil cleanser, but does your skin still feel relatively oily-ish after rinsing the product away? I follow up with a water-based cleanser, so it hasn’t been an issue, but I’m curious as to whether I’m doing something wrong.