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Battle of the Boxes: A Glam Bag Review

During my beauty box subscription frenzy, Ipsy Glam Bag was the second service I found after Birchbox. Like Birchbox, it’s also priced at $10 a month. I read a few reviews that said that Glam Bag products seemed like they were made to appeal to a younger crowd, so I wasn’t actually very optimistic.

I really hate age-inappropriate makeup. And age-inappropriate clothes. Funnily enough, I do like age-inappropriate activities, but these generally fall in the other direction, that is, I share many of the same interests as the elderly community. BBC Masterpiece Theater? Yep. Nighttime oil painting classes at the local community college? Hell yeah, that happened. Putting a cat hair covered coat over my pajamas to go to the grocery store? That’s one of my defining characteristics. But I always do it with makeup on so I still look like a megafox.

The point is, some of the reviews I saw of the Glam Bag said it seemed made for a more youthful demographic, so I was skeptical. But I signed up anyway – $10 still seemed like a bargain and I was in a frenzy, after all.

My first Glam Bag arrived quickly, and the first thing I learned about Glam Bag is that it’s a joy to behold the moment I open my mailbox, as it comes in an exciting hot pink, metallic mailer. How do you top a hot pink, metallic mailer? Probably with a mailbox full of glitter puppies or a UPS delivery unicorn. Actually, all those things poop, so the fancy mailer is really the best thing. Once I opened it and saw its contents, I audibly gasped. Then I actually said, “Ooooo!” as I pulled out each item. There was absolutely no question that Glam Bag was a much better value than Birchbox. That month I received:

• A Mirabella eyeshadow, in semiformal ($10 value)
• A full size Jane lip gloss in ($10 value)
• A Soho Silk makeup smudge brush ($7 value)
• Monoi split-end repair oil by Carol’s Daughter (Generous sample tube, but no retail value)
• A full size bottle of nail polish in Tightrope, from a new line called Circus by Andrea’s Choice ($6 value)

Total Value: $33

Not only did I receive about $33 worth of products for $10, but as it’s namesake implies, each shipment comes with a nice, reusable makeup bag.

November Glam Bag

This was my Glam Bag in November.

As my subscription continued, I was pumped to discover that the full size products in that first bag weren’t a one-time thing. I received multiple full sized lip colors, eyeliners, mascaras, nail polishes, and eyeshadows from brands like BareMinerals, Bombshell, and Benefit. Just last month, my bag contained the following:

• A full size Nailtini glitter polish by Tini Beauty Lounge ($13 value)
• A full size Starlet Intense Eyeliner in black by Starlet Cosmetics ($11 value)
• A full Size Chella eyebrow defining gel ($18 value)
• A full size Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Daredevil by BareMinerals ($18)
• An individual pan of Meet Matte eyeshadow by The Balm

Total Value: $67

As if that weren’t enough, every month there are coupon codes for 15% – 30% discounts on full-sized product purchases. I’d guess that the value of a typical Glam Bag shipment is in the $45 range. I was getting a crazy return on my monthly $10 investment! After a couple of months of this, my measly Birchbox packet samples were actually a little insulting.

Three Months of Glam Bag

This is 3 months worth of Glam Bag!

A little internet digging told me that a while back there were issues with shipping- bags that arrived late or never – but the company has since given their distribution side an overhaul and all of my bags have arrived right on time and in excellent condition (I’m going on my fourth month with them). As for the comments I read about Glam Bag being geared toward a younger crowd – I’ve seen no evidence of this. I’m guessing this is also a relic of Glam Bag’s past, because the Glam Bag I’m getting now is perfect for this thirty-something broad.

I highly recommend this service to anyone who likes fun mail and looking foxy. At $10 a month, even minimum wage beauty queens can afford this luxury.

You can sign up for your very own Glam Bag right here. >>

Skin & Tonics Rating: A+

Coming up on Friday: Find out how Julep Maven stacks up.

Any other Ipsy subscribers out there? What do you think of the service?

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1 comment on Battle of the Boxes: A Glam Bag Review

  1. Glam bag totally trumps Birchbox. I just received my first Julep box today too. I’m in love! I think an intervention might be in order. Love the new blog btw. I get ALL my skin care advice from this fox.