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The Madonna Collection by SquareHue

May - The Madonna Collection by SquareHue

Okay, before you get all worked up about the whole Madonna thing like I did, I need to tell you that the “Madonna” in “The Madonna Collection” is not our beloved Queen of Pop. As much as I…


May Julep Maven Unboxing & Review

Julep May 2013 Maven Box - Classic With a Twist

So, this month’s Julep Maven box actually blew me away. This 1920’s/Great Gatsby inspired delight was perfectly executed – so perfect, in fact, that the only way I can imagine them being able to go up from here…


SquareHue April Review – The Bloom Collection

SquareHue April 2013 Review – The Bloom Collection

It’s SquareHue time again, and this month they’ve brought us a little box of Spring, 60s style, with The Bloom Collection. So far I’ve been surprised (and delighted) with the SquareHue color selections each month, and April is…


SquareHue March Review – The O’Hue Collection

SquareHue March 2013 - The O'Hue Collection

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. I have a confession to make about that holiday, at the risk of exposing myself as a stick-in-the mud. It’s actually one of my least favorite holidays. I appreciate the whole “celebration of…


March Julep Maven Unboxing & Review

March 2013 Julep Maven Box

Finally, a Julep Maven box I can be excited about again!  Although Julep is one of my favorite subscription boxes, I actually skipped the last two months because I wasn’t all that excited about the color lineup. This…