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ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser Review

No matter what a particular cleanser may claim, I simply don’t believe that skin can truly be clean if makeup isn’t removed before it’s cleansed. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued by the idea of it! That intrigue is what led me to the purchase of the ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser ($20), which claims to remove makeup and cleanse skin with one product.

ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser

What is it?

ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser is a massage gel and cleansing foam in one. ElishaCoy claims this product promotes facial circulation, removes makeup, sebum, and residue, and replaces the two-step cleansing process with one, single product. This product is said to be pH balanced (pH 5.5), as well as safe for sensitive skin.

There was no complete ingredient list available for this product, but I’m still searching! There is a list of star ingredients for this cleanser included on the box, which includes: Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Betaine, Rosemary Extract, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chrisanthemim Sibirucum Extract.

More information will be added here once I track down the full ingredient list.


I’ve read a few reviews by folks stating that they were able to use a mere half pump of this cleanser for their entire face. While I can see how that might be possible, I opt to use a full pump – this is the amount recommended in the “official” instructions, and since I’m supposed to be replacing two products with this cleanser, I feel I get the best results using the full, recommended amount.

I pump the cleanser out and massage it over a dry face, rubbing in small circular motions in order to loosen my makeup. After a minute or so of massaging, I wet my hands and massage again – the water triggers a foaming action in the cleanser. Once I feel it’s suitable foamed, I rinse it off with lukewarm water.

ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser

ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser

This cleanser comes packaged in a tall, narrow, plastic container with a big ol’ pump. It’s not flashy, but it works!

This product has a pleasant scent – it smells a little like baby shampoo, actually, but also like a bouquet of non-descript flowers.

It does remove quite a bit of makeup – around 95% of it, I’d guess. However, a cotton pad swipe test still showed a little bit of residue when I used ElishaCoy BB All-in-One as my only cleanser.

Additionally, this cleanser stings my eyes like the Dickens! The first (and only) time I used it to remove eye makeup, it felt the way I’d imagine pouring battery acid into my eyes might feel. To add insult to injury, it didn’t really remove all of my eye makeup. I looked like a panda and a raccoon had baby together – a baby with red, burning eyes that was surprisingly less cute than one would expect a panda-raccoon baby might be. My eyeliner is pretty heavy-duty stuff – I buy eyeliner that does not budge. I decided to conduct a hand cleansing test to see what it would take for this product to remove my eyeliner. I was able to successfully remove it using only this cleanser, however, it required quite a bit of serious rubbing and scrubbing – not something I’m willing to do in my delicate eye area. I went back to using my separate eye makeup remover.

ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser

These are my most heavy-duty eyeliners. I wanted to see what it would take for this cleanser to remove them.

It actually took quite a bit scrubbing and rubbing to get it off. It worked on my hand, but I would never rub my eyes even close to as hard as I rubbed my hand here!

It actually took quite a bit scrubbing and rubbing to get it off. It worked on my hand, but I would never rub my eyes even close to as hard as I rubbed my hand here!

Using this cleanser alone leaves my skin with a tight, dry feeling afterward. Perhaps someone with oily skin would enjoy this particular feeling, but for my naturally dry skin type, that tightness is an issue.

At this point it may seem like I didn’t like this cleanser, but the fact is, I actually enjoy it a lot! I just don’t like it as a standalone cleanser. If I throw that particular claim out, and simply use this as my first cleanser in my double step cleansing process, it’s actually a fantastic product. It removes just as much makeup as an oil cleanser, but I find it easier to use. As much as I love oil cleansers, I don’t love the drippy mess I often make with it. The thick, gel texture of the ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser is much easier to work with – no drips or spills, but nearly as easy to spread around as an oil, and removes just as much – if not more- makeup. The cleanser I use for the second step in my double cleanse is moisturizing enough that it negates any of the tightness I would feel if I’d used the ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser on its own, so that also becomes a non-issue once I dismiss the standalone cleanser claim.

I’ve been using ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser for about a month, and I’m not even halfway through the bottle yet. A little really does go a long way, and even if you’re using a full pump like I am, there is enough product in the container to last quite a while. I expect this bottle will last me a total of 10-12 weeks if I continue using one full pump every evening.

I have not experienced any breakouts, irritation, bumps, lumps, dry patches, redness, or any other unpleasantries from this product. That said, I also haven’t seen any mind-blowing effects from all that “circulation stimulation” I’m experiencing from the massage gel aspect of this cleanser. However, the massage does feel nice and I enjoy the process, and that’s good enough for me. I think this product is a fantastic alternative to an oil cleanser for someone who (like me) finds that oil cleansers can be a bit messy. I will definitely purchase this again.

+ Removes most makeup
+ Not drippy or messy
+ Smells really pleasant
+ Non-irritating
+ A little goes a long way
+ Equally as effective as most oil cleansers

– Not a good standalone product as claimed
– No full ingredient list available
– Drying if used as a standalone cleanser
– Burns my eyes

Skin & Tonics Rating:
Performance: 4/5 – Removes most makeup, non-messy, smells great, no irritation, great alternative to an oil cleanser, but not a good replacement for the double step cleansing process.

Quality: 3/5 -This could score higher if I knew what the full ingredient list was. The packaging is sturdy and decent, and the ingredients I am aware of are fine.

Value: 4/5 – Price for this product range anywhere from $20-$40, depending on where you purchase it. I paid around $20 for it, which is about how much I pay for my oil cleanser in an equal size. I need less of this product to do the same job, and in that regard, it’s a better value than my oil cleanser.

Overall: 3.7/5

Where to Buy

I purchased my ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser from Bring Bring Shop on eBay, where it sells for $17 + $2.50 shipping. It arrived in a timely fashion and the product was fresh and authentic.

ElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser is also available from the following Skin & Tonics approved sellers:

Ruby Ruby Shop (eBay seller, $17 + free shipping)
I am Love Shop (eBay seller, $18 + free shipping)
Bello Girl (eBay seller, $25 + free shipping)


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4 comments onElishaCoy BB All-in-One Cleanser Review

  1. May I ask what kind of eyeliner you use? You mentioned that the eyeliner you use is really heavy-duty. I always have issues with smudges and ending up looking like a raccoon. Thanks!

    • Kerry

      Hey Molly! I recently discovered the new Laura Mercier Longwear Créme Eyeliner Pencils, and HOLY MOLY, these things do NOT budge at all. I can cry, sweat, and swim in this eyeliner and it absolutely does not move. They’re pricey, but they are 100% worth the money. I should probably give them their own review. 🙂

      I’m also a big fan of gel eyeliners or Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner Pencils – those are both pretty smudgeproof. But if you have access to Laura Mercier, the Longwear Créme Pencils are the way to go!

      • Thank you so much for the recommendation. I’ve tried Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils and they still smudged on me, so I will definitely try the Laura Mercier one.

  2. What’s your second step cleanser normally or currently?