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Goodbye, Cherie: The New Miss Dior EdP

My favorite perfume of all time, Miss Dior Cherie, underwent an extreme makeover back in September when Dior dropped the name “Cherie” from the name and made some changes to the fragrance itself. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t unnerve me – why mess with a good thing? What if I didn’t like the new Miss Dior? I knew I had to get my hands on it, but I wanted to wait until the holiday gift sets came out. For one reason after another I kept missing the boat, until my amazing sister gifted the set to me on Christmas.

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum Gift Set

There is no doubt; the new Miss Dior perfume is drastically different from Miss Dior Cherie. Gone are the playful strawberry leaf and caramel popcorn notes.  Both versions are officially categorized as fruity chypres, but the new Miss Dior is much more of a chypre than it’s predecessor, which I think walked the line of a fruity floral more than anything else.

Miss Dior and Miss Dior Cherie Side by side

The bottles are nearly identical, except the for the labels.

The new Miss Dior has more obvious patchouli and sandalwood notes. It’s warm, rich, deep, and spicy, and could almost be considered a floriental.  It’s still sweet, but it’s not as bright as Dior Cherie. I would describe the new version as sensual, but also more sophisticated – think Coco Mademoiselle, but spicier. If Miss Dior Cherie made me want to float around Paris in April, then the new Miss Dior makes me want to dine with a handsome stranger by candlelight.

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

One of the most interesting things to me about the change is that the lotions for both versions remain nearly identical.  The lotion for Miss Dior is much lighter than the eau de parfum, and kept more of the fruity qualities that it’s predecessor had. It layers beautifully with the perfume, making the overall experience brighter and more complex.

Overall I love the new Miss Dior and think it’s the perfect romantic fragrance for fall and winter. But, unlike Miss Dior Cherie, I think it’s too heavy for the warmer months. I love its sensuality and I like that it’s a little more mature, but I will miss the sweet, fruity, romance of Miss Dior Cherie.  Miss Dior is definitely in my top three favorite fragrances but Miss Dior Cherie will always be number one, and I will mourn her passing. Goodbye Miss Dior Cherie – I guess you had to grow up sometime.

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2 comments onGoodbye, Cherie: The New Miss Dior EdP

  1. I refuse to buy Miss Dior. I miss the Cherie version!!! Also, I refuse to use the EDT version. We should start a petition ?

  2. Monserrat

    I love Miss Dior Cherie, like no one other. It was my first perfume and my sister broke it. I did not find it anywhere. I have Miss Dior, but is not the same. I want in the future Dior could manufacture it again.