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Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Deals

Three years ago, my family started a new tradition of renting a vacation home for Thanksgiving. I am extremely fortunate in that my entire family gets along remarkably well; we genuinely enjoy each other’s company and look forward to our Thanksgiving getaway every year. This year, we chose a house on a lake a couple hours north of us, and though the house is big and beautiful, I do have a single complaint – IT’S COLD AS BALLS. The temperature in our bedrooms has been hovering in the mid-50s since we arrived. I’ve learned that although 55 is a nice, crisp, fall temperature if I’m say, going for a stroll outside to look at all the changing leaves, as a bedroom temperature it feels like I’m primitive camping with a tarp draped over a stick in the Antarctic.

This is my sister, trying to get warm.  Photo credit: My brother, Rob

This is my sister. She’s trying to keep warm.
Photo credit: My brother, Rob

At the moment, I’m in the process of thawing out in the kitchen, and perusing the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. There are some pretty extensive lists of Black Friday deals floating around, but I’d like to add a few of my Korean cosmetic favorites to the list. If you’re looking for some Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on some Asian skincare, here’s where to find them:

Missha: 40% Off Everything

It’s not a Black Friday deal specifically, but it is a massive holiday sale and it’s happening right now. It’s an excellent opportunity to try something new – I’ll be picking up the MISA Golden Snowflake Vitalizing Eye Cream. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard good things, and I really, really love the look of the packaging.


Additionally, starting today, anyone making a purchase will receive a free travel bag with a miniature foam cleanser, toner, lotion, and peeling gel.

Now through 12/25.


Alice is offering an amazing deal on my favorite skin line for Black Friday! Starting today, you can pick up the entire Benton skincare range for $76. The set includes a full size Aloe BHA Toner, Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel, Snail Bee High Content Essence, Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream, and a pack of 10 Snail Bee High Content Sheet Masks. This is an excellent deal for anyone who’s been thinking about giving Benton a try and hasn’t taken the plunge yet, as well as those of us who are already hooked and might be running low on some of our favorites.


Additionally, Alice is including a free sheet mask for every $40 spent, (starting today) as well as an extra special surprise gift to be included with purchases of $150 or more.

EDIT: Additional 10% off everything, sitewide! Use coupon code W2SALES10 at check out!

As always, shipping is free, and first time buyers will receive an instant $5 voucher by entering sponsor code 025605 at sign up.


Wishtrend is offering a ton of specific product deals, as well as free shipping on purchases of $59 or more. They’re also offering an additional overall discount from 10%-30%, depending on how much you spend. You can check out all the deals on the Wishtrend website, which includes special pricing on the super popular O.S.T Vitamin C Serum. I’ve been trying this product out for myself for the past few weeks. I’ll be reviewing it soon, complete with before & after pictures, but here’s a spoiler: I’m a huge fan.




I might do a little internet shopping myself later, but right now it’s time to pour myself a glass of bourbon and vacuum up some pie with my face.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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13 comments onHappy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Deals

  1. Oh dang… I will definitely have to take advantage of that deal on W2Beauty and pick up some of those limited edition Christmas sets, and maybe a new cream. I’ve heard that the A’Pieu Essential Source Snail Vital Cream is really good, and this looks like the perfect chance to try it.

    • Kerry

      I’d love to know how that cream works out for you when you try it!

      • Will do. 🙂 Let us know how well the Missha Golden Snowflake Vitalizing Eye Cream works for you! It looks like I need to take advantage of Missha’s discount as well and pick up the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence while it’s nearly half price.

  2. I like your sister’s style.

  3. your sister seems so cute ^.^
    Thanl you for nice recommendations !

  4. Seriously jealous about Thanksgiving. Black Friday sales have been been adopted here in Australia but it’s never anything great. What a great way to stock up on Christmas gifts.

    I recently bought the OST Vitamin C Serum after hearing much raves! I don’t know why but I must’ve done something wrong. I used the Clarisonic after weeks of putting it off. Then went along with my daily skin routine, Missha’s FTE, Benton Essense, added the Serum then the Benton Steam Cream. Woke up the next day and I had crazy little bumps! I’m thinking it must have reacted to something or that my skin was too exposed after using the Clarisonic. I’m going to give it another try soon since my skin has calmed down already. Will not give in so soon!

    • Kerry

      Oh man, yeah. Is your skin sensitive like mine? I don’t think I could use this serum in conjunction with my Clarisonic. The Clarisonic is a really rough on my skin anyway, unless I’m using a sensitive or extra sensitive brush head. The OTC C Serum is pretty potent, so I can definitely see how it could cause some irritation after manual exfoliation. When I use the serum, I put it on just after my toner in the morning, before my emulsion or facial oil.

      • I’ve always been using a sensitive brush. Is it OST or OTC? I heard from reviewers that you should put it on at night and during the day wear sunscreen to protect the skin.

        • Kerry

          It’s OST. I get it mixed up almost every time though- I need to correct it in the post. It is supposed to be a nighttime treatment, but since I use Retin-A at night, I use it in the morning instead. I am always indoors though, and since I wear so much sunscreen it doesn’t cause any issues with sun sensitivity that I’ve noticed, but daytime wear still has it’s drawbacks. I’ve noticed I get some flaking around my chin area with the serum by the end of the day. The flaking is pretty mild – if I was using the serum at night I don’t think I’d notice it.

          • I gave it another try last night without Clarisonic. Only applied on my forehead. Woke up with no little bumps like last time, which is good but I feel like a breakout is growing in a certain area. Not sure if it’s the serum or just one of my hormonal ones. Will keep testing it though. I definitely will be wait for your thorough review on it. 🙂

  5. Do you know how long the Benton deal is available for? I need to get some backups, I’m kind of obsessed.