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Tokyomilk “Honey & The Moon” Shea Butter Lotion Review

I’ve never been so excited to get a Christmas gift covered in bees as I was when I received Tokyo Milk’s “Honey & the Moon” Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion on Friday. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about lotion.

The packaging for this stuff is a work of art. Toyo Milk’s tagline is “Objects to Desire,” and apparently they take that tagline really seriously. I’ve had a several of their products on my wish list for ages solely because the packaging looks so beautiful on the internet. When I saw it for the first time in real life, I considered asking for its autograph.

Tokyo Milk Honey & The Moon Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion

When I stopped marveling at the box and actually put the lotion on, I was immediately hit with the scent of genuine honey. The jasmine and the sugared violet quickly chimed in adding a level of sophistication and femininity, as the sandalwood gave it depth and prevented it from being cloying. I was actually relieved at the role of the sandalwood as a balancer. When sandalwood is used with a heavy hand it starts getting a little granola, but there was no danger of that here.

Tokyo Milk Honey & The Moon Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion Close Up

Because it’s a lotion, the scent does not have a sillage, but the fragrance does last. I put it on about 4 hours ago, before leaving for a dinner and shopping trip. I’ve washed my hand twice in that time, but there is still a ghost of the scent on my hands as I type this.

Tokyo Milk Honey & The Moon Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion

The lotion itself is extremely moisturizing. It’s also not greasy, which is especially important in a hand lotion.

I’m elated at how wonderful this Honey & the Moon lotion is, especially since I flirted with it online for so long before I actually got my hands on it. I like to imagine that this how all the people on those eHarmony commercials must feel.

Skin & Tonics Rating: A+

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6 comments onTokyomilk “Honey & The Moon” Shea Butter Lotion Review

  1. Dude! Tokyo Milk’s Honey & the Moon scent is the one parfum i’ve ever bought and really, really loved! I found it totally randomly at an anthropologie. In fact, I still have the empty bottle sitting on shelf…. just to look at. That’s how much I love it. I hope santa brings me some more!

    • Kerry

      Nice! I was thinking about picking up the matching perfume for this lotion and I think you just sealed the deal.

      Have you ever tried any of the other Tokyo Milk perfumes? There’s a lot on my list and I haven’t smelled any of them, but this lotion makes me want to take a chance on all of them.

      • Nope, I haven’t tried any of the other scents. i do remember sniffy the other options at anthropologie that day… i wish tokyo milk had a retail shop of their own.

  2. I have Gin and Rosewater… it really, really smells of gin when you first put it on, like a very strong gin smell. It kinda made me think I had spilt a martini or something down my shirt. It fades and does have a nice rosy smell. I think it is very citrus-y.

    I have Kaubi too. Very strong floral. I like it. The jasmine doesn’t kick up till about 30 minutes into the application.

    I am very curious about a couple more. I really want to try them. Sigh.

    I am currently in LOVE with Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret. Oh. My. God. In the 90s VS made this horrible (Imho) smelling perfume that had a blue top. Back then I wanted to rock it so badly because it seemed awesome and hip and I was 13 in 1996 and damn it I wanted to be HOT STUFF lol. But, my love of Very Sexy should help you gauge my perfume preferences.